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Description de l'emploi

The Community Manager will be in charge of promoting interactions on forums, moderating content posted on the website and developing the community. He/She will also be involved in different development projects from the acquisition of new members to the retention value chain.


Content moderation - Manage content provided by members throughout the site: validate posts or ads, moderate content, monitor the activity of several members, remind members of the site’s rules, produce reports to the management team and recommend action points to improve Community Management.

Preboarding - Help non registered user discover our sections and convince them of the usefulness of our platform, as part of their project. Assist them during the registration process.

Onboarding - Welcome new members and accompany them in their first steps as members. Act as a single point of contact if required.

Members retention - Ensure our members are loyal and active on our platform; encourage them to share their experience and invest time in the community.

Forum activation - Promote members’ participation in inactive or relatively inactive destinations. Be responsible of the development of one or several destinations and be accountable for the results.

Increase destinations forums activity - Stimulate threads, launch discussions, customize messages, keep a friendly and constructive ambiance, incite people to be active on the forum.

Experts recruitment - Identify the most active members and offer them to join the team as a volunteer. Follow-up the animators on a daily basis and ensure they fulfill their role in an adequate manner.

Required skills & qualifications

• Experience in community management/development.
• Bilingual French/English
• Excellent writing skills (you must be able to write clear and simple content without any typo)
• Mastering an additional language would be a plus: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
• Able to stand back from a conflict or a difficult situation

- Salary: 15,000 MUR
- Transport Refunded
- Free Medical Insurance
- Opportunity to take 1 day leave per month
Working Hours: 08h30 - 17h30
Location of Work: Port-Louis

If you are qualified for the role, please send your CV to by latest Friday 5th October 2018

Date d'expiration


A propos de Succexa Ltd
Succexa Ltd is a Support and Consultancy company which provides services in the following areas to organizations using a very low cost differentiation strategy: 1. Sourcing & Staffing 2. Payroll and Administrative Outsourcing 3. Corporate Training 4....
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